創辦人尤伯先生年輕的時候,他立志習得一門手工技藝以維生。因此,他成為了一家手工麵線製廠的學徒,專注於學習製麵手工藝。當時的手工麵線工作是極其繁瑣且需要耐心和技巧的,尤伯學成精通後離開了家鄉,獨自一人前往台北,並在一家規模頗大的麵廠成為了製麵師。 多年來尤伯心中一直懷揣著一個夢想,他希望能將傳統手工麵線的製作量化,同時保持手工傳統的品質。在老父親的支持下,尤伯回到了家鄉,在太平建立了最初期的伯昇手工麵線小作坊。 然而,小作坊很快就面臨到了許多困難,尤其是在雨季來臨時,手工麵線的製作變得非常困難,令人頭疼不已。幸運的是,機械製麵的技術開始興起。尤伯決定對手工作坊進行轉型,尋求機械化生產的方式。儘管在這段轉型的道路上遇到了許多困難與挫折,但他沒有退縮,反而投入更多心力,堅持不懈地努力了五年。 最終,在這轉型的路上,他建立了一個小規模的工廠,並在市場上贏得了一席之地。然而,他並未因此自滿,而是將目光轉向了東南亞和大陸市場,開啟了國際通路。 隨著市場需求的增加,尤伯開發出了除了麵線以外的商品麵條,不得不將廠房擴大,最終將廠房遷移到了今日的台中霧峰。在這個過程中,他始終堅持對食品安全的要求和技術的不斷革新,因此尤家的手工麵線在台灣、東南亞和大陸市場上獲得了廣泛消費者的認可。 於2013年,新廠終於新建完成,機械設備與工廠規劃都領先於同業。尤伯秉持著匠人精神,一路走來堅持使用最乾淨最好的食材,讓消費者安心放心食用。 When Mr. Youbo was young, he aspired to learn a craft to make a living. Thus, he became an apprentice at a handmade noodle factory, focusing on mastering the art of noodle making. The craftsmanship required for handmade noodles was intricate and demanded patience and skill. After mastering the craft, Mr. Youbo left his hometown and ventured to Taipei, where he became a noodle maker at a large-scale factory. For years, Mr. Youbo harbored a dream of quantifying the production of traditional handmade noodles while preserving their quality. With the support of his father, he returned to his hometown and established the initial Bosun handmade noodle workshop in Taiping. However, the small workshop soon encountered numerous challenges, especially during the rainy season when the production of handmade noodles became exceedingly difficult, causing much frustration. Fortunately, with the rise of mechanized noodle production technology, Mr. Youbo decided to transition the workshop and seek a mechanized production method. Despite facing many difficulties and setbacks during this transformational journey, he persevered, devoting five years of relentless effort. Ultimately, he established a small-scale factory and secured a place in the market. However, he did not rest on his laurels but instead turned his sights to the Southeast Asian and mainland Chinese markets, opening international channels. As market demand increased, Mr. Youbo expanded the product line beyond noodles, necessitating the expansion of the factory, which eventually relocated to the present-day Wufeng in Taichung. Throughout this process, he steadfastly upheld the demand for food safety and continuous technological innovation, earning widespread consumer recognition for the Bosun handmade noodles in Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and mainland China. In 2013, the new factory was finally completed, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and leading industry standards. Mr. Youbo, guided by the spirit of craftsmanship, has always insisted on using the cleanest and finest ingredients, ensuring consumers can eat with peace of mind.




展望未來,伯昇興業有限公司立志成為製麵領域的先驅,本公司深信,麵線不僅僅是一種食材,更是一種文化和生活方式的體現,而我們的產品將在這種體現中發揮著關鍵作用,並透過創新科技和傳統製作工藝致力於不斷探索新的口味推陳出新,為客戶呈現更多元、更具品質的製麵選擇,以滿足愈加挑剔的美食家們對於品味的不斷追求。 期許成為消費者信任的首選,並成為消費者日常生活中的美味夥伴,打造出更多令人驚艷的製麵體驗,為全球消費者帶來更多美味的時刻,這是伯昇興業有限公司對未來充滿信心的展望和承諾。 Looking ahead, Bosun Enterprise Co., Ltd. aspires to be a pioneer in the field of noodle production. The company firmly believes that noodles are not just an ingredient but also a manifestation of culture and lifestyle. Our products will play a crucial role in this embodiment, striving to continuously explore new flavors and innovations through innovative technology and traditional craftsmanship. We aim to offer customers a more diverse and higher-quality selection of noodles to meet the increasingly discerning tastes of food enthusiasts. We aspire to become the preferred choice of consumers, serving as a delicious companion in their daily lives, and creating more stunning noodle experiences to satisfy the palate of global consumers. This vision reflects Bosun Enterprise Co., Ltd.'s confidence and commitment to the future.
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